Self-adhesive Band with Zinc Oxide

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The zinc oxide band is a permanent elastic bandage, possessing a large proportion of natural fibers. Considering its elasticity, it can be applied in any circumstance without any problems.

After application, the bandage does not tighten or crack. Wearing more than a month, the bandage becomes useless, it strengthens very quickly, becoming a semisolid bandage, deepening its effect.

Thanks to the zinc oxide and the leather adhesive, every muscle move will be a benefit to the skin, like a massage that improves the regeneration process, considering the fabrication of the fabric.

Zinc oxide bandage is used in orthopedic treatment for every acute and chronic stress of internal or external illness, for tibia dislocation and fracture and for gypsum dressing. Product marked CE.

Packaging: Individually in aluminum foil.

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