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100% BBC gauze, free of impurities, white, odorless, clean, without stains, indoor, insipid, uniformly tear-off, unsealed, unsterile.

Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 m

15 cm x 10 m

20 cm x 10 m

Weight m2: 47.5 – 48 gr / m2


In warp threads / 10 cm 116 – 124
In yarn / 10 cm 96 – 107
Acidity, Alkalinity: Lack

Lugeness Density:

In the warp: 7.4
In batter: 7.4
Identification: Microscopic

Traction resistant:

In warp: 110N
In batter: 80N
Elongation at break:

In warp: 4.33
In batting: 10.64
Reducing substances: According to the provision

Starch, dextrin: Lack

Calcium:% max. 0,015

Sulfate:% max. 0.01

Chlorides:% max. 0.004

Colorants: Lack

Fluorescence: According to the provisions

Chlorine: Absence

Hydrophilicity: Seconds, max. 10

Fatty substances:% max 0.3

Humidity:% max. 10.75

Ash:% max. 0.3

Behavior at sterilization at 120 – for 20 minutes. It does not turn yellow, it does not lose its physical qualities at sterilization

Packed in medical paper, in 10-piece plastic tear-resistant plastic foil, label with manufacturing company and date of manufacture on each package; Packaging marked with the manufacturer’s name and address, product dimensions, batch number, shelf life

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