Hemostatic Powder 2gr

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Hemostatic sterile and efficient oxidized cellulose based.

The powder form of the hemostatic makes it possible to use the required dosage and precise application.

It is designed to stop capillary bleeding, parenchymal organs and surgical resection areas.

It is possible to apply wounds, scratches or minor cuts on the wound. It is effective in sports, gardening or household activities, where any such inconvenience needs to be treated quickly and efficiently.

Active substance: 100% cellulose oxidised HCa salt

Content: 2 gr. (Or more) of the active substance.

Packaging: plastic bottle with attached applicator

The hemostatic effect is immediate, complete haemostasis being done within 2-3 minutes after application.

Totally absorbable and degradable.

Due to the carboxylic acid it turns out to be bactericidal and bacteriostatic.

Thanks to facilitating phagocytic activity, it is an effective support in the healing process, protecting the place from side effects.

Due to the calcium ion content it is not necessary to apply a local anesthetic.

It is very well tolerated by the body, having a significant effect on wound healing, does not cause irritation in the application area and does not granulate.

Supports and accelerates the biological healing process.

No side effects are known.

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