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Plastic containers for collecting stubborn / cutting waste 10 L


Material: Copolymer PP

Color: Yellow cap with red cap

Weight: 435 gr.

Nominal Capacity: 10 L

Usable capacity: 8.50L

Max. Permissible weight: 6kg

Dimensions: 260x255h mm

Round shape


Instructions The receptacles are provided with a special lid on the top

Usage: allows the introduction of waste and prevents removal of waste

Filling, being provided for this purpose with a definitive closure system.

The lid of the container has holes for removing syringe needles and blades

Of scalpel. The container should be filled until the fill level is reached

Indicated on the box.


Precautions: Do not attempt to recover items already in the recipient, except

Respecting the required hygiene conditions and using special gloves for

Sharp objects.

Do not exceed the fill level indicated on the box.

Once the lid is completely closed, the container can no longer be used.

The container is tested against puncture with sharp objects, presenting

Safety for the person handling it, as long as it is used in accordance with


The material from which these boxes are made allows incineration at risk

Minimum for the environment.

The container is provided with a durable handle for transport ease

The containers are inscribed in Romanian.


Certifications: The product is in compliance with RoHS Directives 93/42 / EC

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